Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Young men are slowly sliding to oblivion

Two weeks ago i travelled upcountry and noticed small sheds erected along the Nairobi Nyeri highway. A closer look revealed that they are khat/ 'miraa' dens. They are occupied by numerous young men who do nothing but sell and chew miraa as they chat through out the day.

The same scenario i witnessed in other parts of the country including Nairobi. It is the high time this menace is addressed before we lose our young, talented yet wasted men.

Cultivate Respect for the rule of law

One of the major highlights of the New Constitution is that all Kenyans are equal before the law. Calls by a section of Kenyans to amend the constitution are therefore ridiculous. The roots of this suggestion is the 'promise' made by the President and Prime minister that 'contentious' clauses would be amended.

Well gone are the days of executive orders, the President can only fulfill his promise pursuant to the law. Amendments can not be effected by a stroke of the pen. Since this will negate the Sovereignty of the Kenyan people who ratified the Constitution on 4th August 2010. The 'promise' was only made in the context of a political contest.

All methods of amending the constitution are provided under Chapter 16 of the New Constitution, Article 256 and 257 provide for amendment through Parliamentary initiative or Popular Initiative. Let someone advice the Cardinal and all those who share his views.

Lastly i agree, civic education is crucial to the implementation process. I recall recently listening to Prof Wangari Maathai after watching her documentary Taking Root The Vision of Wangari Maathai.

Prof emphasized that our main problem is our lack of interest in reading and seeking knowledge and understanding so that when things go wrong then we can question.

Read a book before watching a movie and respect the rule of law.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

At last a New Constitution for Kenya

It a new dawn in Kenya as we embark on implementing the Proposed New Constitution, ratified by Kenyans in the referendum.

This is the beginning of a long journey towards national transformation.

I salute those who have fought long and hard for liberation. I salute Kenyans for voting peacefully. I salute those who voted against the draft but accepted the results gladly. I salute those who remained faithful to the course of justice, equality and democracy.

It will not happen overnight, but we dare celebrate this initial step knowing well that we will realise a new Kenya.

Justice be our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity,peace and liberty.

God bless Kenya