Friday, February 25, 2011

Without a doubt

This year one of my favourite songs is "Without a Doubt". At one point the singer sings "...without a doubt, i have had my doubts".

Without a doubt, we are undergoing the first hurdle toward implementing the constitution. The matter of appointments to the positions of Chief Justice, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions and Controller of Budget has raised constitutional, political, governance and judicial issues that must be analysed critically.

Without a doubt, the question of separation of posers between the Judiciary, Parliament and Executive has been under intense discussion. The jurisdiction (extents and limits) of the High Court and the Speaker has come under scrutiny.

Without a doubt, the President started on the wrong footing and it will be interesting to see whether he will respect the Constitution this time round.

Without a doubt, as we discuss the above issues of national and regional importance, we must be guided by the principles of rule of law, good governance, openness and transparency and constitutionalism.

Without a doubt i shall continue to interrogate these issues.