Friday, June 29, 2012

Where do employees stand when a company is bought?

Puma Energy is in the process of buying KenolKobil. It remains to be seen how this deal will be finalised and how KenolKobil prospect will change with such huge capital injection. However and most importantly is the various players in the entire deal, both direct and indirect participants and stakeholders. In this regard several questions came to mind after i read that employees at KenolKobil have sued to stop the sale.

So, do the employees have a stake in the deal? If, yes what is the extent of their interest? How do we balance the rights of the corporation to seek strategic shareholders through such a deal and the rights of employees? What is the best mechanism of balancing such rights; negotiations or litigation in court? These thoughts will occupy my mind in the coming days and i hope to address all of them.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Become an E-Coach

Association of African Entrepreneurs - Become an E-Coach
The Youth Employment Network (YEN) is a partnership of the United Nations, International Labour Organziation, and the World Bank set up after the Millennium Summit in 2001 to find new and durable solutions to the youth employment challenge. YEN is managed by a permanent secretariat hosted by the ILO in Geneva with field offices in Dakar, Senegal, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The Association of African Entrepreneurs is a Pipeline partner of the YEN Marketplace E-Coaching Program, where our specific role is to help attract young entrepreneurs and e-coaches from around the world by sharing the opportunity to apply for the E-Coaching programme.
Volunteers are invited to serve as AAE E-Coaches on the YEN program, where they provide crucial mentorship for young entrepreneurs with lots of ambition but not much experience.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corporate (Bank) bailouts; Whose interests?

When a company is in need of a bailout, to avoid collapse or near-collapse, for whose benefit is this being carried out. How to we balance between the interests of the company, shareholders and the general public during such bailouts.

It is important that bailouts are not done for the mere reason of saving a corporations. Behind the corporate entity are people who should be put to account. Shareholders and the general public matter and must be considered.

Here is a short piece i found on forbes

hope you enjoy reading.

Common Linkedin passwords hacked

Here is an interesting piece on securing passwords "Top ten Linkedin hacked passwords"

A good image will to along way in safeguarding your professional image in Linkedin.


Monday, June 11, 2012


Corpri sends sincere condolences and God's peace to the families, relatives, friends, colleagues and indeed all Kenyans for the loss of six Kenyans in the Ngong Helicopter Crash.

Let us continue to make the security of all Kenyans and the various enterprises they operate a primary concern for us all. Let us also continuously pay close attention to the security of our aircrafts.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Internet Security and Business

Last week i had the misfortune of my email account being hacked. My personal data was compromised and i still cannot fully detail the extent of the damage. I also regret that this may have caused a ripple effect of abuse on my friend's, colleague's and associate's accounts.

It all started with an innocent looking email from a friend. It was so enticing since it related to business and online trading. I fell for it and the results were a disaster. I quickly tried rectifying the account while away from Nairobi over the weekend but the same proved futile i had to wait as the criminals vandalised my account. I am glad that the error has now been rectified.

Had the account contained any business data and  information, it would call for a declaration of a Personal Investment Disaster.

Now i have come to think about it, today we can literally trade at the comfort of our office or house thanks to Mobile and Online Trading.

You can make offshore investments as you work here in Kenya at the click of a button. Today you can invest in a public company through Mpesa. For instance AIB Capital has recently introduced AIB Mobile service for trading in stocks. This is possible due to enhanced Internet connectivity and the magic of mobile money (what i call the 'pesa mkononi' revolution).

Large and Small enterprises are now turning to e-solutions to manage their ventures in a more cost-effective means. Cloud computing is now the preferred solution to handle shared data within an organisation and has revolutionalised application of computer programmes. Internet providers and software developers are competing to introduce new and innovative produsts by the minute.

The above brief exposition is the reason why we must take On-line security most seriously. Imagine the loss a business can incur if its systems are compromised or the government if a hacker infringes its system, as it happened for the Kenya Police Website awhile back. Confidential information can be shared with and billions lost through to criminals.

Let us all take Internet security seriously and this includes the security of our mobile phones, tablets, PCs the list is endless....atleast i am now very keen on this and have learnt valuable lessons the hard way.