Thursday, August 30, 2012

Insecurity: What is the real problem

The insecurity and tension we face in our country is a result of unequal distribution of resources. It is the high time that as a nation we learn how to balance between the rights of corporations and human rights.

Responsible Investing: CSR

As a country we cannot take pride in economic growth and progression, while our people still fight over resources and struggle to feed our children.

Corporate Social responsibility projects by corporate organisations must now, like never before, address the fundamental needs of the majority.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Corporate Environmentalism: Voluntary Environmental conservation


Laws are meant to govern relations between people in society. What then happens to a society that already has a high form of organization? Is it possible to have a society that does not require strict legal regulation?

I came across the term ‘corporate environmentalism’ that provokes my thoughts about this broad topic.

The term simply means corporate organizations investing in environmental conservation without waiting for the ‘hawk eye’ of the law. It means that companies voluntarily taking steps to ensure that their activities are environmentally friendly. It means that citizens who have come together as a corporate body, taking individual steps to conserve the environment. It avoids a hostile approach to environmental conservation and in contrast emphasizes partnerships and co-operation.

I hope we can learn from this.